By: Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

What are the Trigonometric Functions?

The trigonometric functions are a set of functions which show the relation between an angle of a right-angle triangle and the ratio of the lengths of two of its sides. The trigonometric functions are: sine, cosine and tangent. The trigonometric functions are periodic, meaning that their graphs repeat continuously in a specific pattern. For example, here is the cosine function’s graph:

Figure 1: Graph of the Cosine Function

Uses of the Trig Functions in Game Programming

I am a game developer and a digital artist (CGI, 3D animation, digital art). I have developed and released many games…

By: Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Culture Shock: Digital Art by Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Culture is the ideas and the way of thinking of a particular group of people.¹ There are many different cultures around the world which vary in many things such as language, rituals and food. Some cultures are related or close to each other in terms of customs and practices and some are very different from each other.

Distinct cultures are different and similar in many things, and when someone comes in contact with a new culture they might experience what is called ‘Culture Shock’. Culture Shock is the feeling of confusion, nervousness or distress when…

Blender is a free and open source 3D computer graphics software. When I realized something was slowing down my workflow, I created the Mesh Operations add-on, which allows you to quickly replace objects.

This is Mesh Operations version 2.0, with many new features.

In the first version of Mesh Operations, an object could only be replaced with a cube or a sphere. However, now in version 2.0, you have a lot more options.

Mesh Operations v2.0, Developed by Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Objects can now be replaced by many other types of objects including grids, icospheres and cones. Another new feature is shortcuts for performing specific operations on…

Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Game developer, film-maker, animator and 3D artist.

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